Latest Release:

Version: 0.38.2


The latest version of sbopkg is version 0.38.2 and you can download the latest package or source tarball from this page.

  • Package: A pre-built Slackware package of the latest version of sbopkg can be downloaded here.
    (MD5: df40c7c991a30c1129a612a40be9f590)
    (SHA1: 137f0d9c3cc8d9a5b560459b06573b8d0e6dcc4c)
    (SHA256: c302e306523b234bb025f1a74ee66d3037cfd25f2cc6ffd5f909e4d6278b5db6)
  • Source: The source tarball of the latest version can be downloaded here.
    (MD5: 818c751c25fd8a34e8287715a03ebeb9)
    (SHA1: ecb534e601d73e89d0623f1eaf05b4690940a29b)
    (SHA256: 4cfbc858e202e2113bd3cf21e6774263741df5d6ad7198df36e6115f17fa1e85)
  • ChangeLog: You can view the ChangeLog here.
  • Older packages and source tarballs are available on this page or via this site.

The sbopkg packages can be installed or upgraded like any other Slackware package:

installpkg sbopkg-version-noarch-1_wsr.tgz


upgradepkg sbopkg-version-noarch-1_wsr.tgz

When upgrading, please be sure to read the updated and merge any changes into your exisiting sbopkg.conf file.